Put your chemistry wits to the test with these puzzles from our July 2021 print issue

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A chemistry-themed word searchcrossword and brainteaser to amuse yourself or your colleagues 


A photo of a yellow sollution in one conical flask and a green solution in another

Source: © RonTech2000/Getty Images

A quick test with universal indicator solution went yellow in deionised water but remained green in the water from the tap. What could have happened? Get the full brainteaser in the downloads below

Once school’s out, take some time to relax in the summer sunshine and delight your chemistry brain with these puzzles from our July 2021 print issue, including a crossword, brainteaser and anagram word search.

However you choose to participate, whether you challenge your colleagues or go it alone, you do so at your own risk, purely with the chance of winning your colleagues’ and the EiC team’s respect.

We’d love to see how you get on. Share your solutions on Twitter with the hashtag #eicpuzzles, making sure to tag @RSC_EiC. We’ll publish the answers in the September issue, out from 8 September 2021.

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