Download and print the puzzles from the print issues of Education in Chemistry. Try them yourself with a relaxing cup of tea, challenge your colleagues to a department quiz, or give them to your students for that cover lesson you still need to fill.

For teachers

A bunch of pink tulips, a cup of tea and a puzzle book and pencil

Quick science-themed crossword


The Easter chocolate may be long gone, but you can still relax with a puzzle

A cartoon of people assembling giant cubes into a crossword

Quick science-themed crossword


Think you know your chemistry? Let’s test that shall we …

An open crossword book in a comfy chair by a log burner and some warm slippers

Quick science-themed crossword


Need a challenge? This is just what you want

Using a notepad on a table with pumpkins, hot chocolate and autumnal leaves

Puzzles from this issue


Divert yourself this autumn term with this science-themed quick crossword and anagram word search

A woman doing puzzles in the sunshine

Puzzles from this issue


Sharpen your subject knowledge over the holidays with this science-themed quick crossword and anagram word search

A woman doing a crossword on a beach.

Puzzles from this issue

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Assess your subject knowledge with this science-themed quick crossword and anagram word search

Hands and jigsaw pieces

Puzzles from this issue

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The perfect accompaniment to leftover Easter eggs and hot cross buns? EiC’s puzzles

A cartoon dog doing a crossword

Puzzles from this issue


Download this chemistry-themed word search and quick crossword

A cute cartoon polar bear and rabbit with a puzzle book

Puzzles from this issue


Pit your wits against this quick crossword and anagram word search

A cartoon of cute cats gathered around a puzzle book

Puzzles from this issue


Take a break from teaching and test your own science knowledge with this crossword and word search

For students

A bold picture of the word quiz bursting through the screen

The grand end of term quiz


Looking for something fun to wrap up the term? Challenge your 14–16 students with this chemistry-themed quiz

A collage of screenshots of completed gridlock puzzles

Gridlocks: 101 printable chemistry puzzles


Explore these sudoku-style chemistry puzzles with printable worksheets and answers, and discover how they can be used to engage your students with key topics.

A close up photo of liquorice allsorts sweets

Chemical allsorts puzzles


RSC interest group is publishing downloadable fact sheets and puzzles for students

An image of a hand opening a safe

Escape the classroom


Challenge your students with these chemistry related puzzles