Wendy Pitt reviews the workbook and revision guide

CGP GCSE AQA science: workbook (higher level); and revision guide
CGP team
Kirby-in-Furness: CGP 2006 | Pp160, 112 | £4.50 | ISBN 1 841 46706 5, 1 841 46703 0

GSCE AQA science workbook

Coordination Group Publications (CGP) produces a whole range of materials for GCSE science courses, some of which are for the separate subjects and others cover all three science subjects. This workbook and revision guide (both for science as set out by the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) exam board) each contain a section on the 'how science works' component of the Key Stage 4 curriculum. The remainder of each text is split into the separate sciences - biology, chemistry and physics. Each subject is further divided into two units. The topics in each unit are presented in a common order so that the two resources marry together well for student and teacher use.  

GSCE AQA revision guide

The revision guide is colourful and concise - not too heavy in any sense - and as such will be attractive to students. The workbook claims to be 'dangerously close to being funny' but I found it didn't raise much more than a mild smile. However, I suspect that the light-hearted cartoons among the diagrams will be welcomed by students.  

Covering all three sciences, the workbook has the disadvantage that there are a limited number of questions for each topic. The answers are not included in the back of the workbook. This may be a disadvantage to students buying the book for personal use, but it is advantageous for teachers setting tasks. (The answer booklet can be purchased separately.) Priced at £4.50 each, the books are good value. 

In my experience students like and use the CGP materials in their revision. These resources for the new GCSE science courses are a welcome addition to the materials available to students and teachers.