Science teachers are invited to join a web-based discussion forum on the 'science learning doctors' approach to science teaching

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Science teachers at any level who are interested in exploring and exchanging ideas about specific student learning difficulties in science and how to overcome them are invited to join a web-based discussion forum. The forum focuses on the 'science learning doctors' approach to science teaching.  

A product of the Royal Society of Chemistry-sponsored Challenging chemical misconceptions in the classroom project, this model is based on a simple classification of learning 'bugs' that can hinder students' understanding of science or lead to common student misconceptions. The approach is designed to help teachers improve their diagnostic assessment skills in the classroom, and thus enable them to diagnose and to treat learning difficulties by analysing students' comments both in class and in written work.  

The discussion group offers participants the opportunity to find out how to implement the model in their teaching, ie become science learning doctors, to discuss and feedback back on using the approach in the classroom, and thus contribute to its development. 

Further information on the science learning doctors approach is available on the website

Readers who want to join the discussion group should send a brief outline of their teaching role to Dr Keith Taber, faculty of education, University of Cambridge, 184 Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 2PQ.