The Royal Society is asking members of the public to help contribute to their new vision for the future of science and mathematics education

Survey questions

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Their aim is to produce an evidence-based view of a future world-class, high-performing education system for science and maths.    

The survey asks individuals for their opinions on five specific areas that the Royal Society sees as essential components of a high-performing school and college education system: teachers; leadership and ethos; infrastructure; accountability; skills, curriculum and assessment. 

Martin Taylor, chair of the project committee, said 'The project will respond to concerns expressed by governments, employers and the science and mathematics communities about the UK's future economic competitiveness. We want to provide a blueprint for ensuring that the UK will continue to have scientifically and mathematically literate citizens, as well as sufficient numbers of scientists and mathematicians to help solve the many challenges the world will face in the coming decade.' 

The deadline for responses is 16 March 2012. More information can be found on the Royal Society's website.