The RSC has published a new set of resources that investigates the physical chemistry of medicines

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Challenging Medicine comprises 50 resources with practical activities, PowerPoint slides and handouts. 

The resources are grouped into themes of Body Chemistry, Making Medicines, Analysing Medicines and Physiochemical Properties. Experiments include the colorimetric analysis of aspirin, the manufacture and analysis of milk of magnesia and an investigation into the rate of permeation of paracetamol through cellulose tubing. The worksheets can be used individually or together as part of a theme of work.

This resource is the latest addition to the Challenging Chemistry series, which includes Challenging Plants (launched in May), and is available via the Learn Chemistry platform. 

Nicole Morgan, RSC Schools and Colleges Manager, said 'Challenging Chemistry is about challenging our understanding of fundamental chemical principles and concepts and how they are applied to tackling the global issues we face.' 

This resource completes the Changing the Face of Physical Chemistry project. 'We are grateful for the support of Reckitt Benckiser in producing these resources,' said Morgan.

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