The Salters' Institute is hosting 16 Chemistry Camps for post-16 students in universities around the UK this summer

Salter s chemistry camp

Source: Salters' Institute

The Salters' Institute will be holding 16 Salters' Chemistry Camps between June and August 2010 in one of eight universities across the UK. These events are aimed at students with an enthusiasm for chemistry, whether they intend to continue the subject post-16 or not. Students will get the opportunity to do hands-on practical activities, attend lectures and chemical demonstrations in a university chemistry department, as well as get a taste of life in university halls of residence.

The host universities - of Edinburgh, Nottingham, Bath, Cambridge, Manchester, Leeds, Sussex, and York - will each run two three-day camps back-to-back. The first will run from Monday to Wednesday lunchtime, and the second will run from Wednesday to Friday lunchtime.

The camps are open to students at secondary schools in the UK and in the Republic of Ireland. Teachers may nominate four year 10 students (S3 in Scotland, year 11 in Northern Ireland, and year 3 in the Republic of Ireland) from their school or college. A maximum of two students of the four will be selected for the same camp. 

Fifty student places are available at each camp and where possible 25 boys and 25 girls will be selected for each one. The camp fee for each student is £90, which is non-refundable, and the student, or their school, is expected to cover travel expenses. Payment will only be requested once the student has been selected.

Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received. There is no closing date. To check the venues and dates for the camps, and to download an application form go to website or contact the camps administrator (Tel: 020-7628 5962 ext 213; e-mail:

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