Hosted by the University of Leicester, this website is part of the Spectroscopy in a suitcase (SIAS) project of the RSC-led Chemistry for our future (CFOF) programme, funded by the HEFCE. The SIAS initiative aims to enrich students' learning of spectroscopy in schools and colleges. From the site you can access real spectroscopic data from a library of over 50 compounds, eg aspirin, paracetamol and caffeine. For each compound there are infrared, uv-visible, nmr and mass spectral data. Users can zoom in to analyse the spectra or overlay compounds' spectra to compare their spectroscopic properties.   

The spectroscopic data are supplemented with the physical properties of the compound and its displayed formula. Each compound also has a three dimensional model produced using Jmol software, which allows the user to rotate and zoom in/out of the image. Video clips showing the practical aspects of each technique are provided and you will find four posters on each of the techniques to download as well as links to other useful websites. 

Through the SIAS project, spectroscopic equipment are available with trained chemistry postgraduates to demonstrate them in the classroom to give students hands-on experience of these techniques.   

Working on science: an image from the Xperimania webiste


This site is home to Xperimania, a Europe-wide, Internet-based project which aims to address students' negative perception of chemistry by encouraging teachers to engage their students in fun competitions. Coordinated by European Schoolnet on behalf of the Association of Petrochemical Producers in Europe, two online competitions are open to 10-20-year old students until 31 May 2008.   

The 'timeline' competition invites students to explore a discovery in materials science from 1800 to the present day and report their findings. For the 'experiment' competition students must set up and run an investigation into the properties of materials, providing a lab report and photos or video of the experiment. The best entries will win a media player and a trip to Brussels.