The Young Scientists Journal has launched its 2012 photography prize

A young boy (young scientist) taking a photograph

The competition is open to all students under 19 years old and photographs can be taken on any camera, phone or other device. The deadline for entries is 1 May 2012. 

Participants must take a photo relating to a scientific theme. The categories for entries are 'Camouflage' (under 12s), 'Science behind the Olympics' (ages 12-15), 'The result of science' (ages 16-18) and 'Energy' (open to all under 19s). The first prize in the 'Energy' category is £150, and £75 in the other categories. 

The journal is run by a group of students from King's School, Canterbury, led by the Head of Science, Christina Astin. It is an online science journal for 12-20 year olds, publishing articles and research written by their peers from across the world. 

'The main thrust of the journal is to encourage science communication among young people', says Christina. '[Photography] is a way of looking at science from a rather different angle'. 

For further details visit the Young Scientists Journal website. 

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