Chemistry 1 for OCR

David Acaster and Lawrie Ryan

Cambridge: CUP 2008 | Pp266 | £16.95 | ISBN 978 052 172 456 2

Reviewed by Irfan Latif

cambridge ocr cover

Part of the Cambridge OCR advanced sciences series, this student textbook provides comprehensive coverage of units one and two of the new OCR A-level specification. Based on the original Chemistry 1 text, the authors have produced a resource which is both innovative and accessible.  

The resource has been designed to be used by students who have studied either triple or double award science at GCSE. The textbook is supported by an accompanying CD-ROM which links to a website full of e-learning activities - the resources are clear, colourful and detailed.  

Each chapter in the textbook explores the relevant specification content and includes a range of examples to equip students with the skills to succeed in the examination. 'How science works' aspects of the material are clearly boxed throughout the text, helping students to gain an appreciation of the chemical content in a relevant context. The text also includes plenty of worked examples and exam-style questions to demonstrate how to approach complex questions. The self-assessment questions integrated within each chapter are rigorous and provide opportunities to consolidate knowledge and understanding of the topics.  

The accompanying CD-ROM includes chapter summary worksheets and offers guidance on exam technique and sample exam-style questions, together with mark schemes and detailed commentaries. The disc also includes appropriate extension material to stretch and challenge students.  

This is an impressive, well-written and robust resource which is good value for money. Incorporating the textbook into the teaching of OCR A-level chemistry should help students to attain a good grade.