Irfan Latif reviews the 2011 edition

ASE guide to secondary education (2011 edition)
Martin Hollins (ed)
Hatfield: The Association for Science Education 2010 | Pp236 | £25 (PB) | ISBN 978 086 357 428 3
Reviewed by Irfan Latif

Cover of ASE guide to secondary education

This is an excellent update of the 2006 edition and is a detailed and comprehensive handbook for all those involved in the delivery and management of secondary science education both in the UK and abroad. The range of authors who have contributed to the book read like a 'who's who' of science education.

 It has been written to be both accessible and informative, keeping educational jargon to a minimum. PGCE students, NQTs, experienced colleagues, heads of department, technicians and assistants are all catered for in this indispensable guide.

The book covers many issues which concern the changing face of teaching and learning in science at this level, including How Science Works, ICT in science education, science in the 21st century, practical work and Assessment for Learning

It provides examples of good classroom practice and plenty of material to help you to assess your own teaching and consider how it could develop in the future. At the end of each section there are lists of references and websites to encourage the reader to conduct further research to help consolidate their understanding of the material. The authors write passionately about their areas and this comes across in both the style and content. 

The book is not a narrative as such, but each of the five sections link together. Although it is meant to be a useful reference providing expert guidance on a variety of issues, it still can be read from cover to cover. 

Every science department should have a copy of this guide in its library.  

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