Len Pollock reviews this resource aimed at secondary students

Chemistry animations CD-ROM
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This resource is intended for Intermediate-1 students in Scottish secondary schools, but can be used by all UK secondary students who are studying for GCSEs or equivalents in science and chemistry. On the CD-ROM are 117 full-screen animations designed to support the teaching of chemical principles which underpin inorganic, physical, organic, industrial and environmental chemistry.  

The software is easy to install and navigate. The content is presented in nine topics (chapters), egAtoms and bondingReactions, and Carbon compounds. The animations can also be accessed alphabetically using the index. Each topic is divided into paragraphs (items), and is easy to follow. Clicking on the 'i' button presents easy to follow instructions for the animations. The drawing button and the drawing tool, which took a little while to master, can be used to highlight the relevant part of the topic with contrasting colours and allow the teacher to annotate the animations. The return button moves back to the previous paragraph/topic. 

Installed on PCs within a school or college, or run on the institution's local network, the software can be used either by students for individual study or by the teacher for class teaching, using a smartboard and digital projector. The animations will enhance teachers' explanations of topics in chemistry.  

This resource will be an excellent addition to any school library. As well as support GCSE students in their learning, the animations provide useful basis for higher study. Teachers may also find that this is a useful source of ideas for creating more interest in their teaching.