Web watch: Tony Tooth looks at some websites that may be of interest to chemistry teachers

Demonstration Videos 

Students using a computer

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Just done the thermit reaction as a demonstration but a student was away? No problem. There's an excellent video of the reaction on this site together with over 12 other useful video demonstrations (most with sound), including sodium reacting with hydrochloric and nitric acids and a neat demonstration of one of my favourite warnings - 'remember, hot glass looks exactly the same as cold glass!'. Each video is accompanied by a short explanation, which covers the chemistry and relevant equations. 

Chemistry Diagrams 

Maintained by Chris Evans of Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School in Blackburn, with contributions from other teachers, this site offers images that are easy to copy and paste into your own documents. The images are grouped under headings such as Moleculardiagrams,Organicmechanisms, Animations and a miscellaneous section (which includes C-13 nmr splitting patterns for all you teaching the Cambridge Pre-U course). The animated gifs of organic mechanisms provide excellent support to a 'curly arrows' lesson. 


This Texan site offers resources for science teachers and their students, including slide shows, lesson plans with worksheets and links pages. There is much here that could be adapted to individual needs especially at KS3-4. I have found the PowerPoint presentations on topics such as atomic structure and the Periodic Table to be very useful. 

Salters' Chemistry Club Handbook

The URL address I gave in the last issue for the Salters' chemistry club handbook was not the official Salters' Institute site; this is the correct version. From the official site teachers can access volumes 1 and 2 of the handbook including the teacher notes. The Salters' Institute also offers both volumes on a CD-ROM, which teachers can receive for free by submitting a request through this site. 

If you know of any websites that should be reviewed in Education in Chemistry, then e-mail the title or URL to TonyT@kings-ely.cambs.sch.uk