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Discussions from the magazine, blog, website and social media

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'Blackest black' material

‘Blackest black’ ever made


New material absorbs 99.995% of light shined on it

An image showing lithium ion batteries

Thank the Nobel prize winners for your mobile phone


Start a lesson with the Nobel prize-winning chemistry involved in lithium-ion batteries

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Taking the fear out of time-of-flight calculations


Get the teaching of TOF-MS right and student outcomes will really soar

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5 invaluable lessons from cognitive science


And how they can improve your teaching forever

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The extraordinary success of the Slovak Olympiad team


Martina Hestericova meets the volunteers behind Slovakia’s chemistry Olympiad success story

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Why you need A-level chemistry to study pharmacy


Why chemistry is essential to understand and manufacture safe, effective medicines

An image showing the book cover of Teaching Chemistry in Higher Education

Teaching chemistry in higher education, Seery and McDonnell


Not just a tribute, this book is a great introduction to chemistry education research and a practical guide for all involved in chemistry education

An image showing a group of three red macaws sitting on a branch

How to tackle context in exams


Teach students how to apply their knowledge, not parrot back information

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