A-level resits could be reduced under potential changes announced today by Ofqual, as part of its consultation into A-level reform in England

An examination hall during an exam

Following its recent international and national research into A-levels, Ofqual has launcheda consultation on the structure and assessment arrangements of the qualification. The consultation also outlines plans for universities to determine the content of A-levels.  

Ofqual has asked for views on the full range of proposed changes to the qualification, including:

  • Ensuring involvement of higher education in the design and sign-off of A-levels
  • Abolition of January exams and limiting resits
  • Whether or not AS levels should continue. 

Chief Regulator, Glenys Stacey, commented 'A qualification as important as the A-level needs to be kept under regular review to make sure that it continues to meet the needs of its users. Our research shows where users think that A-levels could be improved. The consultation also takes into account the government's wish that higher education becomes more involved in A-level development.

'We want to hear what schools, colleges and employers, as well as universities, think of our proposals. Teachers' views are particularly important, both in response to this consultation and in the development process, because we want to make sure that A-levels provide a good, cohesive curriculum.'

Following the consultation, any changes will take place from September 2013 to 2018.  

The consultation will run for 12 weeks, until 11 September 2012. The consultation document can be found on the Ofqual website.