Paul Wolstenholme-Hogg reviews a do-it-yourself experiment guide

The ultimate book of Saturday science
Neil Downie
Princeton University Press
2012 | 576pp | £19.95 (PB)
ISBN 9780691149660

Cover of The ultimate book of Saturday science

The ultimate book of Saturday science is an absolutely fantastic book that contains one of the largest collections of fun-to-do experiments that you will ever come across in a science library.

Neil Downie’s style and craftsmanship in preparing the would-be scientist and engineer before the experiment is first class. It should be stressed that these are not just ordinary scientific experiments either - they will truly inspire future scientists and also hone the skills of the lucky demonstrator.

One of my favourite activities involves making a laser radio unit from a laser pointer. The radio transmitter intensity is modulated using the audio output of one radio and received using a solar cell into the microphone input of a receiving radio.

Downie does not just stop at the experiment – each one is backed up with the science behind it, the equipment you need and references for further reading. It truly is a wonderful book to read, and more importantly, a book to bring out the scientist in anyone.

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