The UK Chemistry Olympiad is a tough competition, but every learner and teacher can gain something by taking part

A girl doing rhythmic gymnastics with ribbons while wearing a lab coat

Source: © Olivia Waller/Folio Art

From applying knowledge to developing skills and making friends, there are plenty of reasons to take part in the UK Chemistry Olympiad

The UK Chemistry Olympiad is designed to challenge and inspire students aged 16 and over. It’s a unique opportunity for learners to push themselves and to develop their higher order thinking and problem-solving skills. But it’s not just for learners who benefit from the experience, teachers have a lot to gain from participation too.

In this collection of articles, teachers share their experiences as well as their tips for preparing their students to take part in the competition – just the kind of insider knowledge you want. Successful students talk about their experiences, from challenging their skills and making new friends to defining success. Some of those successful students have gone on to be involved in the running of the competition, and in these articles they discuss the competition’s relevance and tell you their favourite questions.