Hi I’m Giorgia and I’m a research and development team leader at Mimica. 

What inspires you about chemistry and your work? 

I’ve been always fascinated by food chemistry and my job allows me to use my knowledge to do something tangible and develop a product that will help reduce food waste. Recent studies have found that 50% of the total environmental impact of the food supply chain is due to food waste. If we could just add two or three days to the actual expiry date of food then we can then save up to 50% of food in retail and up to 63% of food in the households. So with a really small change, we can do a lot.

I love my job because I can work with an interdisciplinary team, composed of experts in different fields, and we work together to achieve a common goal - reducing food waste. I’m really proud to work with Mimica. Our product is also inclusive and very accessible as it’s a tactile product, so you have just to touch it to know whether your food is safe to eat or not. Our product is completely vegan and food-friendly so we can reach even more people in this way.

Salary range and qualifications required

Minimum qualifications for the role: Undergraduate/bachelor university degree in chemistry or related subjects. Earn as you learn routes such as degree level apprenticeships are also available. 

Salary range: £20,000 - £40,000 dependent on experience, qualifications and location) 

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What is your typical day like? 

My typical day at work can vary a lot. We are a small start-up so we need to do different things. I meet with the rest of the team to plan and organise what we have to do and then we put that into practise working in the lab. I plan tests and experiments for the team, collect and analyse data, and communicate the results to other departments in order to develop our product.

What skills do you need for your job?

I manage a team so organisation is key, but also communication, team working and problem-solving are important. 

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What tips or advice would you have for someone looking to work in research and development, or considering a career in chemistry?

We all know the big problem of this generation is environmental issues and climate change, so the best way to get into it and do your part is to study chemistry and while you are studying you will find a way to get involved and do your part. 

Also collect as many experiences as possible, i.e. while studying try to work, complete an internship in related roles or sectors. 

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First published 2021