Student thinking learning in science

Student thinking and learning in science
Keith S Taber
2014 | 238pp | £28.29 (PB)
ISBN 9780415897358

Book cover - Student thinking and learning in science

‘The good science teacher has to work hard to shift students’ thinking, and that usually requires a good understanding of where students are now, and why they might be adopting particular ways of thinking.’ In his book, Keith Taber aims to provide the reader with the background to take on this challenge. He provides an overview of the research literature in the field, presented in a readable format and illustrated throughout with authentic examples from students.

The book is intended to be comprehensible to classroom teachers, or those preparing to teach, who have not had an opportunity to explore the research in depth. Throughout the text, the teacher is encouraged to listen carefully to students’ comments and be on the alert for indicators of student thinking that might imply alternative conceptions. It is for this reason that I believe the book is particularly suitable for classroom teachers with a few years’ experience who have overcome the initial barriers to effective teaching and are now in a position to focus in on students’ comments, consider how the learners in their classroom are thinking and engage with this thinking. By building up a picture of student thinking over several years, the teacher will develop an understanding of what is going wrong, how to fix it and hence will become a more effective teacher.

I encourage science teachers of all specialities who are looking to enhance their classroom practice to pick up a copy of Student thinking and learning in science and accept Keith’s challenge to take on the role of ‘a science learning doctor’ and look to diagnose, prevent and ultimately cure bugs in their own teaching.

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