The Mole

Published from 2012–2015, The Mole was the Royal Society of Chemistry's magazine for students, and anyone inspired to dig deeper into chemistry. Prior to 2012, Education in Chemistry published a supplement for students called InfoChem.

During 2018, articles from The Mole will be added to the Education in Chemistry website.

An atom

Chemistry is NOT like... people!


While analogies are useful for explaining chemical processes, they should be used carefully, says Tom Husband


Waste not, want not

2015-11-01T11:04:00+00:00By Elinor Hughes

Elinor Hughes investigates some of the latest developments in recycling food waste 

Charles West

Charles West: Research geochemist


Ida Emilie Steinmark talks to a chemist who gave up a career as a footballer

The explosive reaction of sodium metal in water

Funded by you


Declan Fleming investigates how crowdfunding helped a chemist to uncover the secrets behind some familiar reactions 

A school student using a tablet

Chemistry is like... a crowd


Tom Husband explains how the behaviour of big crowds is easier to predict than small ones

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Why not try...

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An image showing potassium burning in water

Measuring energy changes


Get practical with students and arm them with the skills and knowledge they need

An illustration for conflict, one male and one female colleague hold ends of a piece of paper, while a third (male) colleague reaches for it

When colleagues disagree


Don’t let conflict escalate. Here’s how to initiate peace talks with your peers

An image showing lithium ion batteries

Thank the Nobel prize winners for your mobile phone


Start a lesson with the Nobel prize-winning chemistry involved in lithium-ion batteries

An image showing a collage of pharmacy related objects

Why you need A-level chemistry to study pharmacy


Why chemistry is essential to understand and manufacture safe, effective medicines

An image showing a group of three red macaws sitting on a branch

How to tackle context in exams


Teach students how to apply their knowledge, not parrot back information

An image showing a health and safety manual on which someone scribbled 'exciting? no!). There are also safety goggles, ear defenders and the edge of a helmet visible

Can health and safety training ever be sexy?

2019-09-24T10:33:00+01:00By James Gaynor, David Donaghy

Maybe not, but it’s vital

An image showing a view of the campus of Trinity College

Cheaper and simpler to study in Ireland

2019-09-23T12:51:00+01:00By , Matthew Sammon

Why Republic of Ireland universities appeal to UK students

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