Chemical scientists working in Wales

Explore our new career profiles and find out how they are making a difference to our world

  • Ian is smiling at the camera with a tree in the background.

    Professor and enterprise, partnerships and innovation lead

    Ian’s research mitigates climate change and has led to the production of energy-generating coatings for buildings

  • Dr Geertje Van Keulen is smiling in a laboratory filled with equipment and items, including petri dishes and pipettes.

    Associate professor

    Geertje teaches university students and leads the development of materials made from bacteria

  • Side view of Andrew Hallett smiling with a green background.

    Senior research and development scientist

    Andrew develops emergency exit marking for aircraft, helping to keep passengers safe

  • Stephen and his son, Michael, are giving the thumbs up at the camera. Both are wearing London Marathon finisher T-shirts and medals.


    Stephen supports several businesses to become sustainable including using organic materials for wastewater treatment

  • Jamie smiling with rocks and a stream in the background.

    Environmental process specialist

    Jamie improves steelmaking processes to reduce their impact on the environment

  • Emma is standing in an outdoor office with equipment inside.

    Pollution control officer

    Emma protects our health and the environment by monitoring levels of environmental pollutants in the land, air and water. She sets the conditions on industrial processes to minimise their release of pollutants

  • Tom is inside a cave wearing a protective helmet.

    Senior curator

    Tom identifies and unravels the mystery behind the rocks and minerals of Wales

  • Jill is sitting on some rocks, wearing sunglasses and smiling. There are hills in the background.

    Qualified Person, pharmaceuticals

    Jill ensures that the medicines her client companies provide to the public comply with quality and safety standards and are fit for purpose

  • Gemma smiling at the camera.

    Product and process development manager

    Gemma manages the production of high-quality tin and chromium coated steels for everyday items found in a kitchen and bathroom

  • Emma Withers in a laboratory smiling.

    Soil scientist

    Emma investigates the link between climate change and increased greenhouse gas emissions from the soil