70% of teachers supported the UK staying in the EU


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The UK vote to leave the European Union on 23 June has left the education community facing an uncertain future. Polls conducted by TES in advance of the vote indicated that 70% of teachers supported the UK staying in the EU. 

University educators across the UK have expressed dismay with the outcome. Many are concerned that leaving the EU will raise barriers to access for international students – a market many higher education programmes rely on – along with the loss of research funding from the EU.

The implications of the referendum result for schools are far less clear, partly due to the political turmoil following the result. Prime minister David Cameron announced his resignation as leader of the Conservative Party following the result, triggering a leadership contest.

Sarah Robertson, the Royal Society of Chemistry’s director of education, said of the result, ‘We don’t know at this time how the result of the referendum will affect chemistry teachers, but the Royal Society of Chemistry remains committed to an inclusive education for all learners. We will be monitoring the impact of the outcome on schools, colleges and universities and doing everything we can to support teachers and students across the UK and Republic of Ireland.’