Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays between May – June 2024, online

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There is no charge to attend any of our sustained professional development courses – we cover all costs. Delivered online, they offer the chance to explore and test out what you learn as you work through your chosen course sessions.

The courses will support practical skills, enhance your existing knowledge of key subjects (you should already have a basic understanding of the topics covered) and offer teaching strategies for delivering key areas of the chemistry curriculum. You’ll explore common misconceptions, contextualise tricky topics and receive links to classroom-ready resources.

Each course is recognised CPD, so you will receive a certificate of attendance for your professional development portfolio/record once you have completed all of your chosen course’s sessions.

Connor Andrews, England: ‘The chance to discuss ideas surrounding ions and electrolysis was extremely useful as well as some ideas that I had not previously thought of to tell kids when teaching this topic’. ‘I really do believe this course helped me develop my practice.

Courses available

Chemistry for science teachers (11–16): module 1

3.30 – 5.15pm on Tuesday 14 May, Tuesday 21 May, Tuesday 4 June, Tuesday 11 Jun

Chemistry for science teachers (11–16): module 2

3.30 – 5.15pm on Wednesday 15 May, Wednesday 22 May, Wednesday 5 June, Wednesday 12 June

Chemistry for science teachers (11–16): module 3

3.30 – 5.15pm on Thursday 16 May, Thursday 23 May, Thursday 6 June, Thursday 13 June

 Important details

  • Each course has four sessions covering different topic areas. The links above provide more details – please choose the course that includes the topics for which you would like to explore teaching strategies.
  • To qualify for the certificate of attendance, you must attend all sessions and complete all required tasks.
  • To book a course, you should be a Teach Chemistry member. It’s free to join and comes with lots of benefits. Your school may have already signed up, so please check before booking.
  • These courses are suitable for teachers in all career stages. They are not suitable for trainee/student teachers in the first two terms of their training year.
  • If you would like to join a course, please register your interest ASAP using the links above, and make sure that you are available for all of the dates in your chosen course. Once you have registered your interest, we will contact you to confirm if you have a place by the date specified on the course web page.
  • Support from your senior leadership team (SLT) is a critical factor in successful professional development. When you sign up for a course, we’ll ask you to provide details of someone in your SLT so we can include them in relevant communications.
  • The courses expect a basic level of subject knowledge and are ideally suited if you are new to teaching chemistry, you have recently focused on another subject and would like to boost your knowledge, or you are returning from a teaching break.
  • We have found that these courses are most impactful if you are able to apply what you have learned soon after taking the course – ideally within 12 months of your attendance.

Session information

The opportunity to engage with your course facilitator and to build working relationships with other participants are important parts of these courses. Because of this, spaces are purposefully limited. We encourage you to have your camera on throughout and to switch your microphone on during any discussion.

Course modules are not recorded. If you are not available for these course dates, we will be running more from September 2024. Sign up to be alerted of new dates when they become available.

For more detailed information, and to register your interest in these courses starting in May, either select the event in the drop-down box at the top or click the event listing above.

Chemistry for science teachers: summer 2024