Supporting teacher training

We are passionate in our belief that all young people should have access to a high quality chemistry education. That’s why we help chemistry specialists train as teachers.

Teacher training scholarships

Our Initial Teacher Training Scholarship scheme is run in partnership with the Department of Education and allows successful applicants to receive tax-free funding and a host of benefits, including:

  • mentoring by an expert chemistry teacher
  • chemistry-specific training meetings with other scholars
  • free online courses on key concepts in teaching chemistry

Applications generally open in October and close in July but our rolling application process means there are application deadlines staggered throughout the academic year.

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Teacher training

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Approval of subject knowledge enhancement courses

If you’re interested in teaching secondary chemistry but you’d like to feel more confident in your level of subject knowledge, we can help.

Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) courses are an effective way to prepare for teacher training by building up or refreshing your existing knowledge. We take the uncertainty out of choosing a course by only giving our approval to SKE courses that provide effective subject knowledge enhancement for potential trainee teachers in England.

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