Exhibition chemistry

Spectacular science demonstrations to inspire your students

A number of glass conical flasks attached by clamps to a metal stand. Each flask has a colourful balloon sealed around its neck that has been sucked inside the flask.

Demonstrate changes of state using volume differences


Use this demonstration to reinforce the differences between states of matter with your 11–14 learners

Lots of small bubbles in a clear liquid rising to the surface

Creating a supersaturated gas evolving oscillator


Use this fizzy practical for a kinetic and thermodynamic showdown in class

A glass vial with a white lid containing a green liquid that is separating between blue at the top and yellow at the bottom. Other vials of different two-colour liquids are behind.

Demonstrate intermolecular forces with colourful separations


Layer intermolecular interactions into your practical lessons with these chromatic experiments

A round glass flask holding blue liquid and a teabag

Brew up interest in redox with this quick reduction


Use this fresh, fast approach to demonstrate the colourful oxidation states of vanadium

Oxidation states

Demonstrating the chameleon redox reaction with a lollipop


Give your students a sweet treat with this colourful manganate(VII) reaction demo

Fire exploding from a can

Demonstrating the importance of surface area to rates of reaction


Use a combustible powder demo to engage students and teach them about safety in the lab

A hand with some burning paper

The production and combustion of nitrocellulose


Get your students engaged in a flash with this impressive demo

Chemistry equipment with a data logger, thermometer and a laptop recording an increasing temperature on a graph

Demonstrating the heating curve of tert-butanol


Use this to effectively show your students two changes of state in one experiment

A glass jar with a bright yellow flame and white smoke

The reaction between sodium and chlorine


Use this to demonstrate this classic and spectacular chemistry experiment

A titration experiment with a meter in front of a projected v-shaped graph

Shocking revelations 2: neutralisation reactions


Use this experiment to demonstrate the different behaviours of weak and strong acids

An experimental setup with a titration burette, a beaker of milky liquid, electrolysis electrodes and a magnetic stirrer

Shocking revelations: a conductometric titration


Strengthen students’ mental models of particles reacting in solution

Two petri dishes wired with crocodile clips and paperclips and attached with paper which is changing colour under the charge

The movement of ions: bringing electrolysis to life


Demonstrate the movement of positive and negative ions with a simpler, safer version of this classic demo