Exhibition chemistry

Spectacular science demonstrations to inspire your students

An experimental setup with a titration burette, a beaker of milky liquid, electrolysis electrodes and a magnetic stirrer

Shocking revelations: a conductometric titration


Strengthen students’ mental models of particles reacting in solution

Two petri dishes wired with crocodile clips and paperclips and attached with paper which is changing colour under the charge

The movement of ions: bringing electrolysis to life


Demonstrate the movement of positive and negative ions with a simpler, safer version of this classic demo

A hand igniting soap bubbles in a petri dish with a lit wooden split

Dynamite soap: The combustion of stoichiometric hydrogen–oxygen mixtures


Add this quick demo to the end of a lesson on squeaky pops to show the dramatic impact of mixing chemicals in the correct proportions

A ruler against a glass tube with smoke forming inside

Demonstrating the diffusion of ammonia and hydrogen chloride


Revisiting and refining a classic diffusion demo with Declan Fleming

A photo of a metallic drop suspended in a solution and covered in bubbles

The gallium beating heart


Explore redox chemistry with this safer alternative to the mercury beating heart demo

A photo of flames in a glass beaker

Pyrophoric silanes


Use the impressive reaction of pyrophoric silanes in air to explore a range of chemistry topics with your students

A photo of a jellybaby burning in a test tube

The screaming jelly baby


Demonstrate energy release in action with this spectacular experiment

A photo of a heated test tube containing magnesium burning in steam, with another flame burning the hydrogen coming off

The reaction of magnesium with steam


How to bridge a common gap in students’ understanding of the reactivity series

An image of a jet of steam

Superheated steam


Ready to start a fire with water? Use this demo to teach students about enthalpy and properties of water

An image of juice from a piece of orange peel burning

When life gives you lemons (or oranges)


Teach your students about volatile organic compounds with these juicy demonstrations

An image of sugar burning in an evaporating dish

Don’t go breakin’ (down) my (love) heart


Teach chemical change and the thermal stability of carbonates with this simple demonstration using sweets

An image of a hand pouring a beaker of CO2 gas over some candles to extinguish them

Fire stopper


Teach the extinguishing properties and density of CO₂ safely