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Organic chemistry background

Synthesis Explorer

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Plan synthetic routes and study key organic chemistry reactions interactively.


The chemistry of energy: case study

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This resource is a group case study which guides students through some of the key chemical aspects of power generation, the distribution of energy and the relationship between science and policy. It’s a contextualised introduction to the application of several key chemical concepts such as thermodynamics to real world situations.


3D crystal structures

Link to the Cambridge Structural Database educational collection to access 750+ structures

Featured collections

  • D orbitals

    Chemistry vignettes

    Check out these lecture recordings highlighting key chemical topics at undergraduate level

  • Radioactive waste barrels

    Context and problem based learning

    Use these real life scenarios to engage your students in challenging advanced level chemistry problems. This application of chemistry is also demonstrated with industrial chemistry career profiles

  • automated liquid handler robot

    Analytical chemistry introductions

    Explain the principles behind a range of analytical methods, including spectroscopic techniques, chromatography and mass spectrometry. Each resource has clear explanations and descriptions supported by animations to aid your learning

  • Integration calculations

    Introductory maths for higher education

    Learn about the fundamental principles behind mathematical concepts important for higher education chemistry courses

  • bank notes

    Commercial skills for chemists

    Develop the transferable skills desired by large chemical employers such as innovation, problem solving and communication

  • RSC Journals

    Journals how to guides

    Read our guidance for publishing a scientific research paper and how to use them in your work


Interactive lab primer

Cover core safety information, skills and apparatus with this visual aid to common laboratory techniques

Electromagnetic wave


Explore the principles and practice of spectroscopy and other analytical methods


Interactive periodic table

Discover the elements through videos, podcasts, data trends and uses