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Our events for teachers range from small, informal resources sessions, careers sessions and curriculum contextualisation workshops to larger events such as teacher conferences. We also run competitions for students to put their chemistry skills into action. If you have questions about any of our events, please email

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Illustration of person holding a giant bright lightbulb

Key curriculum topics 13–16

*Fully booked*
First Tuesday and Wednesday of September – December 2022, 7–8.30pm BST, online

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Key curriculum topics 16–19

 *Fully booked*
First Tuesday and Wednesday of September – December 2022, 7–8:30pm BST, online

White woman looking delighted while chatting to colleages all at a large desk with laptops

Sustained professional development courses overview

First Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between September – December 2022, online

Picture of 3 students observing a chemistry experiment

Chemistry for science teachers – part 1

*Fully booked*
First Wednesday between September – December 2022, 6.45–8.30pm BST, online

Image of two figure placing a wood block with an arrow hitting a target on top on a tower of three other wooden square blocks in a vertical row, with cogs, a lightbulb and a magnifying glass on each

Experienced teacher teaching strategies

*Fully booked*
First Thursday of September – December 2022, 7–8.30pm BST, online

Illustration of person coming out of the top of a queen piece from a chess board with a knight piece in the background

Early career teachers teaching strategies

*Fully booked*
First Thursday of September – December 2022, 7–8.30pm BST, online

An image showing a magician's hand hovering a wand on top of a top hat

The magic of science

Saturday 8 October, 10.30am–3.00pm GMT, Christ College, Brecon

Photo of autumnal trees with red leaves

Autumn teacher support sessions timetable

Thursday 13 October – Thursday 17 November, online

Close up of one tube tube being removed from a rack of tubes

Teaching microscale 14–16

Thursday 13 October, 4–5pm BST, online

A row of test tubes with a blue monochrome colour scheme

Teaching microscale 16–18

Tuesday 18 October, 4–5pm BST, online

Illustration of a man walking up stairs hovering in the sky and holding up a giant glowing key

New science teachers series 2022

Wednesdays 19 October – 9 November, 4.30–5.45pm GMT, online

A mole emerging from a mound in lawn at night

Menacing moles

Thursday 20 October, 4–5pm GMT, online

An image showing an ocean wave

Carbon dioxide and our oceans

Tuesday 25 October, 4–5pm GMT, online (via Teams)

half a globe with examples of sustainable energy on the top

Professor Tom Welton: chemistry for a sustainable world

Monday 7 November, 4–5pm GMT, online

Hand holding a green lightbulb

Sustainability in the primary classroom

Wednesday 9 November, 4–5pm GMT, online