Events for teachers and students

Our events for teachers range from small, informal resources sessions, careers sessions and curriculum contextualisation workshops to larger events such as teacher conferences. We also run competitions for students to put their chemistry skills into action. If you have questions about any of our events, please email

Online events

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All events for teachers

Teachers networking and chatting around a table

Sustained professional development courses overview

 Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays between January – May 2023, online

Graphic of lady reading a book with a lightbulb person and both sitting on a pile of books

Key curriculum topics 13–16

First Tuesday or Wednesday of January, February, March and May 2023 3.45–5.15pm or 7–8.30pm, online

Cartoon of student with question marks around them and pondering

Key curriculum topics 16–19

First Tuesday or Wednesday in January, February, March and May 2023 3.45–5.15pm or 7–8:30pm, online

Cables unraveling across four different light bulbs with the fourth cable straight and the light bulb on

Experienced teacher teaching strategies

First or third Thursdays January – May 2023, 3.45–5.15pm or 7–8.30pm, online

Cartoon of giant hand using book to let kids walk across ravine

Early career teachers teaching strategies

First or third Thursdays January – May 2023, 3.45– 5.15pm or 7–8.30pm online

Close up look at test tubes containing a variety of colourful liquids in a beaker and on a busy lab bench

Chemistry for science teachers – part 1

Third Tuesday January, February, March and May 2023, 3.45–5.30pm, online

Four hands held up against a blurred, spring feild background, each are painted different bring colours, fingers spread and with smiley faces painted on to the palm

Spring teacher support sessions timetable

Monday 23 January – Monday 13 March, online

Illustration of a magnifying hovering over a report

Key points to take away from the 2022 CCEA GCSE chemistry exam

Wednesday 22 February, 3.45–4.45pm GMT, online

Students looking at a resource

Using context to deepen and lengthen learning

Monday 13  March, 4–5pm GMT, online