Schools' Analyst

The Schools' Analyst competition enables students competing in Year 12 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, S5 in Scotland or Year 5 in Republic of Ireland to demonstrate and expand on their existing chemistry knowledge, skills and aptitude for analytical science through practical analytical experiments based on relevant societal or industrial problems. Each competition aims to provide some tasks which are relatively familiar to the students such as titrations and others which are likely to be unfamiliar, such as chromatographic separations or atomic and molecular spectroscopy.

Regional heats

The competition is now held yearly and is organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry Analytical Division. Each region of the Analytical Division holds heats in early spring each year to select the teams to go through to the national final held in June. Each team comprises three students with an accompanying teacher.

The format of the regional heats varies across the regions. Regional heats are open to all schools and are accessible to students with additional needs. We encourage schools to submit teams that are broadly representative of their school’s gender balance.

For details of regional heats in your area please view Analytical Division events.

To find out more or apply to take part please contact your Local Analytical Division Region.

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The final

The final of the competition takes place at a UK university and sees around 20 teams competing for the trophy. First, second and third placed teams receive prizes of £3000, £2000 and £1000, respectively with the other finalists receiving £100 each. There are also prizes for the individual team members of the first and runner-up teams.

Volumetric flasks

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For further information about the competition please contact Professor John R. Dean (coordinator, National Schools’ Analyst Competition)

Past papers

Volumetric flasks

Schools’ Analyst past papers 2017

Test your students’ practical skills with these Schools’ Analyst past papers from 2017 covering skills such as making standard solutions.

Six conical flasks containing coloured liquid from yellow through to pink

Schools’ Analyst past papers 2014

Measure the acidity level of sprite, determine the weight of vitamin C in a tablet or test the copper content of water with these previous Schools’ Analyst competition challenges.

More past papers

Information for organisers

A risk assessment form must be filled out for every event organised by the RSC. All forms are available for download along with examples of Red Risk Assessment Forms.

Risk assessment guidance

Sponsorship of regional competitions and the final are invited (please contact Professor John Dean). Over the years, the RSC has had a very generous sponsorship for the Regional and National competitions from industry, public utilities, the Regions and Groups of the Analytical Division and in particular the Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund (ACTF).

Analytical chemistry trust fund