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Close-up of crucible on mass balance

Determining relative atomic weights

Heat a known mass of two metals to produce their oxides and determine their relative atomic masses.


Measure enthalpy changes

Probe your students’ understanding of this fundamental concept and reflect on your demonstrations with our practical tips


The reaction of metals with acids

Explore reactivity series with various metals as they react with acids

Featured collections

  • Starters-3by2

    Starters for ten

    Use this selection of short quizzes at the start of your lessons to recap previous topics or introduce new ones

  • Aspirin screen experiment

    Screen experiments

    Interactive screen experiments enable students to make the most of practical experiments, allowing them to familiarise concepts beforehand or reinforce knowledge afterwards. Get started with titrations of varying complexity or a full aspirin synthesis

  • People a a chemical engineering plant

    Faces of chemistry

    Have you ever wondered about what inspired famous chemists, how chemistry research leads to new products and technologies or what sort of careers studying chemistry or a related subject can lead to? Explore videos and resources about chemistry in real life and in different careers

  • Classic chem exp

    Classic chemistry experiments

    Engage students with exciting chemistry classroom practicals. These time-tested resources give reliable results and help to strengthen theoretical concepts and understanding

  • shutterstock_1036573387

    PhET interactive simulations

    Explore chemical concepts using these interactive simulations: covering acid-base solutions, Beer's Law, atomic structure, concentration and the pH scale

  • automated liquid handler robot

    Analytical chemistry introductions

    Explain the principles behind a range of analytical methods, including spectroscopic techniques, chromatography and mass spectrometry. Each resource has clear explanations and descriptions supported by animations to aid your learning

Pipette and test tubes


Get resources and inspiration for experiments and demonstrations

Electromagnetic wave


Explore the principles and practice of spectroscopy and other analytical methods

Periodic table rotated

Periodic table

Explore the elements with your students using these innovative and interactive resources