Global experiments

Enable your students to explore the power of data and collaboration with large-scale experiments designed to open their imaginations, enhance their science learning and encourage practical investigation.

These engaging hands-on group activities can be adapted for all ages and abilities. Despite being designed for mass participation, they use widely available everyday items so your students can take part whether they’re at home, in class, or anywhere in the world.

Join our 2022 global experiment today

Take charge: a global battery experiment gives learners the opportunity to build and test their own coin batteries, as well as exploring how they can help build a more sustainable future.

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Past experiments

Discover activities to get your classes excited about science and put chemistry in context, from sport to the stars. Note that it is no longer possible to upload and view data for past experiments.


Chemistry in sport

Our very first global experiment compares the performance enhancement of student-made sports drinks vs water


Measuring vitamin C in food

Get your students to test their fruit and vegetables for vitamin C using simple kitchen equipment and household items


The art of crystallisation

Explore the best conditions for growing the biggest crystals


Water and hydrogels

Challenge your students to answer the question: are we wasting water?


Mission starlight

The mission? To protect astronauts from the effects of harmful UV light