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Spectroscopy in a Suitcase (SIAS) is available for booking in the UK and Republic of Ireland only.

Our SIAS providers may not be able to accept requests at short notice. Please book as far in advance as possible to get your preferred date (minimum 2 months).

Please note your closest SIAS provider will contact you to discuss your booking request. Your booking is not confirmed until you have agreed the date and time with your provider by email.

By using this form you are requesting a FREE Royal Society of Chemistry Spectroscopy in a Suitcase visit to your school (What is SIAS? Click here to find out more). A SIAS workshop usually lasts 1.5 - 2 hours and includes the use of portable spectrometers. Trained providers will deliver the workshop.

Please note that the exact content and access to equipment will vary and is dependent on the provider organising your visit.

Have a question? Check out our SIAS webpage for more information or email the SIAS team.

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Your preferred workshop date may not be possible, therefore please select three suitable dates in order of preference with times below.


You can request up to two workshops. Suggested student numbers per workshop are minimum 10 and maximum 30 students per session. If you have more students, or students are in different level classes, please request two workshops.

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Additional information

To get the most from your SIAS workshop please tell us the following:

1. What curriculum and exam board are your students following – for multiple workshops please differentiate (for example: GCSE Edexcel Combined Science/ A-level OCR Chemistry A)

2. If your available dates are flexible, please indicate your preferred lesson day(s) and time(s) (for example: chemistry lessons Tuesdays and Thursday 9.05-11.05am). Typical workshops are 1.5 – 2 hours, please indicate your preferred workshop length.

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By the date of your workshop, will you have covered the theory of the following techniques?

To get the most from your SIAS visit, please tell us:

1. What you hope your students will gain as a result of a SIAS visit to your school? For example: if you would like to request coverage of specific spectroscopy techniques, or increased focus on careers, testing of their own samples, please specify this here.

2. What you the teacher hope to gain from a SIAS visit to your school? For example: if you would like supporting resources for teaching spectroscopy or related materials including interesting examples of the applications of spectroscopy, please specify here.

Terms and conditions
We require the following from your school for a SIAS workshop

  • It is essential that the students have been introduced to the spectroscopic techniques to be covered BEFORE the session;
  • Access to the room at least 20 min before and after the session to set up and clear down;
  • Access to a computer and projector;
  • A teacher must be present during the entire session and be responsible for behaviour management;
  • A parking space near the entrance/lab where session(s) are taking place may be required;
  • You may need to provide a trolley to transport equipment and chemicals to the lab or access to the lift if available.

Please note that because our workshops are delivered by our partner providers, the following GDPR considerations apply:

  • Any personal details or data that you provide as part of this booking form will be collected and processed by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) on the lawful basis of legitimate interests in order to provide further information and arrange for a SIAS workshop to take place, or alternatively on the lawful basis of contractual obligation in order to arrange for the loaning of SIAS kit equipment to your school.
  • The RSC will share your personal details or data with its SIAS coordinators who are located across the UK and Ireland. A SIAS Coordinator will process that personal data in order to contact you (by email or phone usually) to arrange the visit.
  • Records of SIAS visits are kept by the SIAS Coordinator and the RSC for audit, financial and KPI reporting.
  • The RSC may contact you following your SIAS visit to request feedback.
  • Your personal details or data will not be added to our mailing lists for direct marketing.
  • Further information on how the RSC may process and store your personal details or data can be found here.