Take part in the Science teaching survey so the RSC Education team can better represent and help you

Editing a magazine isn’t about checking grammar, correcting typos and fact checking (although we do all of that). It’s about giving readers not just what they know they want and need, but also what they don’t realise they want or need until they see it. Which is why at EiC we spend a lot of time listening to our readers.

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EiC’s editorial team and the whole RSC Education Team ask a lot of questions to make sure you get the content you want and need

We also ask a lot of questions. Whenever we get a chance to talk to you, our readers, as well as educators who aren’t readers, we subtly (OK, sometimes not so subtly) probe to find out what’s concerning you. Whether we’re talking in person at a school visit or conference, online at a teacher support session or on social media, emailing contributors and editorial board members or inviting you fill out a survey, it’s because we want to make sure EiC writes about topics you care about.

Of course, we also get data from our website and email newsletters. Which is why we’re appreciative when website visitors click ALLOW ALL on the cookie setting pop-up. When you click that little button, we get to see which new stories you’re reading, and also which old ones are still regularly accessed. And that’s really valuable.

Be a part of the Science teaching survey

2024’s survey is now closed. Please check back later this year for the results and be sure to look out for 2025’s survey opening early in the year. Thank you.

Help us help you

It’s not just the EiC team that wants to know what’s going on in science teachers’ and technicians’ hearts and minds. Every member of the RSC Education team cares what you think. Knowing your concerns helps us influence government policy, whether that be on curriculum development or workload. Understanding what chemistry concepts are tricky can guide us when crafting CPD courses and teacher support sessions, as well as in creating downloadable teaching resources. And this is exactly why we’re asking you to take part in our third Science teaching survey.

This annual survey invites science teachers and technicians in the UK and Ireland to share experiences of working in science education. In 2023 more than 2900 of you responded – check out the data and insights. Thank you to every single one of you.

This year we’d really like to top 2900 responses, to ensure the survey is truly representative. The survey reaches educators across the sciences, thanks to the close working relationships between the RSC, IOP and RSB. As well as keeping track of your feelings and thoughts on funding, challenges and access to high-quality subject specific CPD, this year we’re keen to know about your well-being and job satisfaction, and what you think about assessment.

The 2024 survey is now closed.

This article was edited to reflect 2024’s survey closing on 1 May 2024.