Hamied Inspirational Chemistry Programme

Philanthropist and healthcare pioneer, Dr Yusuf Hamied, has made a very generous donation to support our chemistry education programme for school students in India.

Over the next five years, we aim to:

  • equip 8,000 teachers across India with the specialist knowledge and skills to deliver exciting and engaging chemistry lessons, and to share their knowledge with their colleagues
  • provide 1,600 of the brightest chemistry students from all backgrounds with places at RSC Chemistry Camps, to motivate and inspire them to reach the necessary standards to study chemistry at university

We are managing this programme in collaboration with leading Indian academic institutes.

Yusuf Hamied

Yusuf Hamied

Source: © Royal Society of Chemistry 2014

Teacher development programme

The aim of our teacher development programme is to give teachers new tools for delivering engaging and effective chemistry lessons. Our teacher developers introduce teachers to active learning techniques that can be applied easily in a chemistry context, helping students develop their knowledge and enthusiasm for chemistry.

Thanks to Dr Yusuf Hamied’s generous funding, the course is completely free for all teachers and schools.

Teachers work on a titration

Source: © Royal Society of Chemistry 2014

Get involved

If you, or the teachers in your school or region, would benefit from this training, please contact us. We will put you in touch with a teacher developer from your area who can talk to you about the training in more detail.

About the course

Our training course includes three workshops, spaced a few weeks apart. This gives teachers time to try out some new techniques in their own classrooms, and give feedback to their teacher developer.

  • Towards active learning (Workshop 1): Teachers are introduced to the idea of active learning and apply some new techniques which they can implement in their classrooms. They also get experience of planning a lesson based around active learning techniques.
  • Chemical reactions and equations (Workshop 2): This workshop focuses on a key theme that underpins chemistry: reactions and equations. Techniques are introduced to increase students’ confidence when dealing with reactions and equations, helping them succeed in chemistry.
  • The particle nature of matter (Workshop 3):This workshop tackles a subject that many students find difficult – the abstract idea of the particle nature of matter. We discuss common student misconceptions and how they can be overcome, and introduce some new active learning techniques for teachers to try out.

In Chemical reactions and equations and The particle nature of matter, teachers will have the chance to attempt some practical chemistry which will inspire and engage students with chemistry. Throughout the training course, we show how everything teachers learn can be adapted to suit varied local contexts.

Our teacher developers

The courses are delivered by expert teacher developers, who have a wide range of experience of teaching in schools and universities as well as experience of teacher training. They have been trained to deliver these workshops by our specialist teacher trainers, who develop and deliver teacher CPD programmes in the UK.

You can find the names and locations of the teacher developers below.

More information about our teacher developers