Quiz your students on their knowledge of practical procedures

The topics covered in this Starter for ten are: laboratory equipment, recording results and drawing scatter graphs. These quick lesson starter questions can be also be used at National 5 level in Scotland and both Junior and senior cycle in Ireland.

Example questions

Practical work is a key aspect in the work of a chemist.

To help you plan effective practical work it is important that you are familiar with the common laboratory equipment available to you.

For each of the pieces of glassware shown in the images below, state their name and give a possible volume(s).

Basic practical competencies question sheet image 1

Name the common laboratory equipment in the images below. (4 marks)

Basic practical competencies question sheet image 2


The full version of the question and answer sheets are available from the ‘Download’ section below, fully editable versions of these resources are also available. 

Starters for 10: Transition skills (16–18)