Through a collection of short films, watch the story of how biobased innovation is contributing to a more sustainable, competitive and prosperous Europe.

Potential in the land - promo video

Participants involved in pioneering the biobased economy share their experience, optimism and passion for biobased industrial development.

Learning from nature

Two researchers at Novozymes explain how nature, in this case fungi, can help unlock the secrets to developing new bio-based products and processes; from washing detergents, to the dyes used in manufacturing our jeans.

Business opportunity boosted by local support

Zoltan Reng is the managing director of Pannonia Ethanol in Hungary. He tells us why he is passionate about biobased industries.

Fuel from agricultural residues

Ralf Hortsch, of Clariant's biorefinery, explains how their new plant uses the latest technology to produce fuel from residues left over after the wheat harvest.

Farmers prosper by investing in bio-based infrastructure

Olivier de Bohan, President of the farmers cooperative Cristal Union, explains how investment by regional farmers in biobased research supports agricultural production.

Bio-based Economy - Industrial regeneration and jobs

Arnault Dupont, from Roquette's biorefinery, discusses the plant's commercial success in producing a diversity of innovative biobased materials, including plastics.