Challenging analytic problems for sixth form students. Use them to practice for the competition or stretch able students.

The topics covered in each paper are:


  • Determine the concentration of iron in iron tablets using a spectroscopic technique
  • Compare samples of sun cream using UV-vis spectroscopy


  • Determine the concentration of phosphate in water using UV-vis spectroscopy
  • Determine the concentration of aluminium in water using a back titration based on complex formation
  • Determine the concentration of naphthalene in water using high performance liquid chromatography


  • Titration of citric acid to determine the purity
  • Estimation of paracetamol in paracetamol tablets using spectrophotometric techniques
  • Perform a series of chemical tests to identify a compound

East Anglia

  • Quantitate ascorbic acid by a direct redox titration
  • Quantitate sucrose in a mixture using polarimetry
  • Quantitate paracetamol in a mixture by HPLC

North East

  • Titrimetric analysis of calcium
  • Spectrophotometric determination of copper
  • Atomic emission spectrometric determination of sodium