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Cover for Inside Teaching: How to make a difference for every learner and teacher

Inside teaching

How to make a difference for every learner and teacher

‘Inside teaching aims to provide a broad overview of being a teacher today … I recommend it to those a couple of years into teaching who are looking to broaden their horizons beyond the day-to-day.’
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Using students’ assessment mistakes and learning deficits to enhance motivation and learning

How to make the most of mistakes

‘I recommend the book to experienced teachers who want a fresh look at how they teach and assess their students, as well as trainee teachers or master’s students interested in researching alternative classroom assessment practices.’
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Cartoon figures carrying out science experiment

Making every science lesson count

Six principles to support great science teaching

‘Although only 118 pages long, it is packed with advice, tips and suggestions, many of which I will seek to implement in my own classroom.’
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EiC317 - Review - Effective Practical Science - Hero

Enhancing learning with effective practical science 11-16

More effective practical work

‘This is a useful book that has, in the few months I’ve owned it, had a positive effect on my practice and the learning of my students.’
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The cover of Strange Chemistry

Strange chemistry

The stories your chemistry teacher wouldn’t tell you

’This is an excellent book, thoroughly recommended to teachers and lecturers. Put it on your bookshelf and consult it often.’
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