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Inspiring creative chemistry teaching

Whether you’re a trainee teacher or still relatively new to the classroom, our selection of courses will provide you with the most valuable support.

These courses are one day in length and designed for early career teachers, either NQTs or RQTs. Teacher’s further into their career may find them valuable if they have a specific need focused on the given course area.

Pedagogical approaches to chemistry teaching

Equip yourself with a variety of teaching and learning tools you can draw on in the classroom.

In this one-day course you can:

  • gain a greater understanding of different models of teaching and how they can be effectively deployed
  • learn how to ensure the maximum amount of learning takes place during practical work
  • discover how to use effective questioning, assessment and feedback to ensure all students are able to access the chemistry curriculum whilst being stretched.

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Developing expertise in teaching practical chemistry

Bring your subject to life and by engaging students in vitally important practical work.

In this one-day course for newly qualified teachers you will:

  • try out and evaluate a wide range of practical activities and demonstrations in depth
  • develop ideas about how to use practical work effectively
  • gain confidence in the health and safety aspects of teaching practical chemistry.

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