Download our presentations and resources from our sessions at the ASE annual conference

We’ll keep this page updated as we upload the presentations and resources. Full details of all our sessions are on the our ASE annual conference page.

Preview image of ASE slides

Wednesday 6 January

Interactive workshops

ITT slides pdf

ITT slides MS Powerpoint

Practical skills slides pdf

RSC practical skills slides MS Powerpoint

Thursday 7 January

Does remote professional learning work?

Remote PD slides pdf

Remote PD slides MS Powerpoint

Friday 8 January

Supporting student skills through primary to secondary transition

Watch the recorded talk here

RSC Primary Teaching Support

Primary support pdf

Primary support MS Powerpoint

The benefits of mentoring on teacher retention

Mentoring slides pdf

Mentoring slides MS Powerpoint

Saturday 9 January

Adopt a scientist. Working with our members to support education

Adopt a scientist pdf

Adopt a scientist MS Powerpoint