ASE annual conference 2021

The Royal Society of Chemistry is taking part in this four-day online conference for teachers in January 2021

Supporting excellence in science teaching and learning is a vital and commonly shared vision for the Association for Science Education (ASE) and the Royal Society of Chemistry. That’s why we are delighted to be taking part in the ASE Annual Conference, where we will be participating in a fantastic array of sessions designed to support this vision.

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This conference is run by the Association for Science Education. To take part, book your place and register in advance via their website. The ASE will provide details of how to access the conference and its individual sessions.


Wednesday 6 January

Royal Society of Chemistry ITT

10.40 (GMT) with Steve Nelmes and Ross Christodoulou (details here)
Targeting our colleagues in secondary ITT, teaching or those likely to teach the chemical sciences, trainee teachers, prospective teachers and teachers, our event includes a Q&A session and chance to network.

Supporting practical skills in chemistry

13.30 (GMT) with Juliet Kennard and Kirsty Patterson (details here)
Allow us to help your learners’ minds get the most out of getting hands-on. We’ll explore a variety of new resources and old favourites, interactive experiments and preview our new practical video series.

Thursday 7 January

Does remote professional learning work?

13.30 (GMT) with Dr Stephanie Sdepanian (details here)
What will the future hold for remote professional learning and development? We’ll explore the remote professional learning and development from 2020 and the effects on classroom practice.

Friday 8 January

Supporting student skills through primary to secondary transition

11.30 (GMT) with Dr Stephanie Sdepanian and Dr Stephen Hendry (details here)
Our education coordinators will outline the transition pilots that took place in Scotland and Isle of Man and share the successes and challenges that teachers found. This session will provide the opportunity to try out some practical activities that teachers can use to develop and progress student science skills.

The benefits of mentoring on teacher retention

15.00 (GMT) with Dr Chrissie Maitland and Nicola Jordan (details here)
With funding from Education Scotland and the Educational Endowment Foundation, the Royal Society of Chemistry provided mentoring for around 100 newly qualified teachers. Join our programme manager Dr Chrissie Maitland in this session as she shares the impact on the retention and well-being of teachers. There will be an opportunity for teachers to consider how mentoring could be used in their own setting.

RSC Primary Teaching Support

16.30 (GMT) with Chloe Francis, Kate Whetter and Laura-Alexandra Smith (details here)
Join our session on RSC support for primary science for a special preview of our new website for primary teachers. Our new website will make it easier for you to find all of our resources and support for teaching primary science. There’ll also be time to discuss ideas to reinvigorate your science teaching this new year.

Saturday 9 January

Adopt a scientist. Working with our members to support education

15.15 (GMT) with Declan McGeown (details here)
Our education coordinator Declan McGeown will outline how members in Northern Ireland worked with primary teachers to support pupil STEM learning and skills progression. The session will include practical activities and information to support teachers to use external bodies to provide career information. This helps to enthuse and excite children about a career in STEM.

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RSC presentations and resources – ASE 2021

Download our resources and presentations from our sessions at the ASE annual conference

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We’ve brought together the best from our website to help you get more out of the key topics being discussed and presented at the conference this year.

Remote teaching and Covid-19



Topical resources



Check out these articles by presenters at the 2021 ASE Annual Conference

  • Andy Chandler-Grevatt
    Articles about assessment, interventions, and teacher well-being
  • William Barron de Burgh
    How to teach the extraction of metals, and embed an understanding of reduction and oxidation
  • David Paterson
    Articles about practical work, cognitive load, and how to teach tricky topics
  • Lynda Dunlop
    How to use multiple choice questions, and easy ways to develop students’ scientific literacy
  • Rob Butler
    Helping those special educational needs, and developing all students’ skills
  • Amanda Fleck
    Ideas to improve students’ scientific vocabulary and literacy
  • Jasper Green
    How to teach conservation of mass, and separation techniques
  • Adam Higgins
    Banish miconceptions and improve students’ understanding of scientific vocabulary
  • Kristy Turner
    A huge variety of articles, resources, tips and tricks for better science teaching
  • Helen Harden
    Tackle energetics, scientific vocabulary and more