ASE Annual Conference 2025

Find out what the RSC are doing at this conference for educators on 09 January – 11 January 2025

Supporting excellence in science teaching and learning is a vital and commonly shared vision for the Association for Science Education (ASE) and the Royal Society of Chemistry. That’s why we are delighted to be taking part in the ASE Annual Conference in January.

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Sessions and resources from 2021

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RSC presentations and resources – ASE 2021

Download our resources and presentations from our sessions at the ASE annual conference

From speakers at this year’s conference

Check out these articles and resources by presenters at the 2023 ASE Annual Conference.

A photo looking down a spiral staircase with people climbing up

Where to start with teach-to-the-top differentiation


Don’t limit your students: try this approach and provide everyone the support they need to reach the top

A photograph showing an ordered desk

Improve executive function skills for all


Develop students’ organisational skills to help them get everyday tasks done efficiently

A young woman eyes a cafe menu on the wall with a napkin tied around her neck and holding her knife and fork ready

Reviewing the ECF


Do new teachers leave the early career framework a five-star review or are they left with a bad taste in their mouths?

An exasperated teacher watches students collect lab equipment incorrectly

Establish good learning behaviours in the science lab


Discover how to move from reactive to proactive behaviour management

Particle model index image

Particle diagrams | Structure strip | 14–16


Support learners to describe and evaluate the particle model for solids, liquids and gases with this writing activity

An illustration of a pencil taking notes growing into a tree with graphene in its shadow

5 ways to use structure strips to scaffold learning


Boost your students’ ability to digest topics and write independently with these margin-sized prompts