ASE annual conference 2022

The Royal Society of Chemistry is taking part in this conference for educators in January 2022

Supporting excellence in science teaching and learning is a vital and commonly shared vision for the Association for Science Education (ASE) and the Royal Society of Chemistry. That’s why we are delighted to be taking part in the ASE Annual Conference, where we will be participating in a fantastic array of sessions designed to support this vision.

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This conference is run by the Association for Science Education. To take part, book your place and register in advance via their website when registration is open. The ASE will provide details of how to access the conference and its individual sessions.

From the 2021 conference

Find out more about the sessions run by the Royal Society of Chemistry at the ASE Annual Conference 2021, or explore related resources and articles by presenters at the conference below.

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We’ve brought together the best from our website to help you get more out of key topics discussed and presented at the conference in 2021.

Remote teaching and Covid-19



Topical resources



Explore articles by presenters at the 2021 ASE Annual Conference:

  • Andy Chandler-Grevatt
    Articles about assessment, interventions, and teacher well-being
  • William Barron de Burgh
    How to teach the extraction of metals, and embed an understanding of reduction and oxidation
  • David Paterson
    Articles about practical work, cognitive load, and how to teach tricky topics
  • Lynda Dunlop
    How to use multiple choice questions, and easy ways to develop students’ scientific literacy
  • Rob Butler
    Helping those special educational needs, and developing all students’ skills
  • Amanda Fleck
    Ideas to improve students’ scientific vocabulary and literacy
  • Jasper Green
    How to teach conservation of mass, and separation techniques
  • Adam Higgins
    Banish miconceptions and improve students’ understanding of scientific vocabulary
  • Kristy Turner
    A huge variety of articles, resources, tips and tricks for better science teaching
  • Helen Harden
    Tackle energetics, scientific vocabulary and more

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RSC presentations and resources – ASE 2021

Download our resources and presentations from our sessions at the ASE annual conference