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    Changing materials | Primary science video demonstrations

    Material changes are demonstrated using fun examples: bouncy custard, bath bombs, burning candles, fire extinguishers, lava lamps and many more.

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    Irreversible changes: That’s Chemistry!

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    The ‘irreversible changes- chemical reactions’ chapter from That’s Chemistry! This chapter looks at key ideas and activities that can be used to help students learn how non-reversible changes result in the formation of new materials.

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    Cracking Chemistry!

    Work your way through these fun chemistry practicals developed by National Science & Engineering Week.

  • Erupting Volcano

    Science festivals

    This set of handouts can be used to inspire people of all ages to take up chemistry in their own home! Racing raisins, cornflour gloop, erupting volcanoes, reaction times and iron from breakfast cereal are all covered here