Try this quiz with your 11–14 students

A photo of a hand in a latex glove holding a conical flask of white powder with a damp piece of wood stuck to its base

Source: © Science Photo Library

Test your 11–14 students’ knowledge of rates of reaction with a short, high-value, low-stakes quiz

Quizzes can be a reliable route to testing your students’ knowledge effectively, but if students don’t take them seriously, they can be pointless. To be insightful, quizzes need to be carefully constructed, short with an indication of time per question for students, and accompanied by plenty of guidance on how to approach the test. This is all covered in the Education in Chemistry article How to make quizzes more worthwhile.

This quiz has been constructed in line with that advice, and focuses on students applying their knowledge from observing rates of reactions to new contexts. Try it with your 11–14 students. You could even use it as part of an escape the classroom type activity or link it to the Education in Chemistry article Shockwaves in Beirut for a stretch and challenge activity.