Discover what we’ve added to our website by migrating a range of pre-existing microsites

What happens when popular resources are only accessible via outdated technology, or technology that is no longer secure? We have a choice: move them, or lose them.

Over the last six months, we’ve moved (or ‘migrated’) a variety of resources from some of our older microsites to the main RSC education website, where you can now explore materials from Assessment for Learning, Gridlocks, Business Skills for Chemists, Quantum Casino and more.

What’s changed?

For technical and security reasons, we’ve ‘switched off’ a number of our older microsites, moving many of the resources to this website.

In a few cases, we’ve retired some or all of the resources from a collection, or removed interactive elements – see below for more information.

If you try to access the resources from any of these sites, you’ll notice that you no longer land on the old page. Instead, you’ll be redirected to an equivalent or related page, usually on this website.

Where can I find the resources I need?

Here’s the good news. Wherever possible, we’ve made the resources from these microsites available on this site. In many cases, this means you’ll be able to find what you were looking for quickly and easily.

If the resources you were trying to access have been moved, you’ll be redirected automatically from the old microsite to the page you need on this site. Alternatively, you can find all the resources we’ve migrated by searching our site, or by using the links below.


Resources from the Alchemy microsite are available to browse as a collection on this site.

Assessment for Learning

You can now find all of the resources from Assessment for Learning on this website, including the complete lesson plans and six articles on the principles of assessment for learning.


Some of the titles of individual lesson plans have been changed to help new users find them via search engines.

Business Skills for Chemists

You can continue to view and download the majority of the materials for Business Skills for Chemists, with the exception of the interactive case studies, which are not currently available.

Business Skills and Commercial Awareness for Chemists

The complete materials for Business Skills and Commercial Awareness for Chemists are now available to explore on this website.

Chemistry for Biologists

The Chemistry for Biologists microsite has been redirected to an alternative version of the resource hosted by the Royal Society of Biology.

Contemporary Chemistry

The majority of the activities from Contemporary Chemistry have been migrated, with new pages on this site for each of the ten main topics.


A number of resources featuring outdated content have been removed for review.


The Gridlocks puzzles are available as PDF files to download and print. Unfortunately, the interactive puzzles are not currently available due to issues relating to the technology they use.

Inspirational Chemistry

In a recent review, we identified many of the resources from Inspirational Chemistry as outdated or no longer relevant. For this reason, they have not been migrated and are no longer available.

Joint Earth Science Education Initiative

The Joint Earth Science Education Initiative microsite has been redirected to another version of the resource hosted by the University of Liverpool.

Kitchen Chemistry

This site now features a collection of resources from Kitchen Chemistry.

Quantum Casino

The tutorials from the Quantum Casino microsite have been renamed and are now available as our Post-16 Thermodynamics Tutorials. Due to technological issues, the interactive simulations are not currently available.


The SpectraSchool microsite has not been migrated, due to issues with outdated and broken technology affecting key interactive elements.

Why have these resources moved?

The microsites affected by this work were built using technology that has since become outdated, raising a range of security, compatibility and accessibility issues. For example, several sites used Adobe Flash Player, which is no longer supported and will soon be blocked by Adobe.

Migrating key content to the main RSC education website allows us to ensure that you can continue to access and draw on these resources when teaching chemistry. It also gives us the opportunity to make improvements to help you find, explore and use our resources more effectively.