Develop key business and entrepreneurial skills using these resources for undergraduate chemistry students, including notes for tutors and a short online course for self-study

Whether launching a new startup or working in a large, multinational organisation, it’s essential to understand the skills that businesses and entrepreneurs need to be successful, and the process of honing the right skill set can begin while studying chemistry.

The resources in this collection are designed to help undergraduate chemists build on their degree to enhance key skills relating to business, industry and entrepreneurship. Based on course materials used at the University of Nottingham, the resources include:

  • Video lectures, presentations and interviews exploring core topics from finance, planning and project management to pitching, intellectual property and product design
  • Opportunities to practise and apply the skills developed to case studies and group work
  • A short online course suitable covering key topics, suitable for self-study and distance learning
  • Comprehensive supporting materials and notes for tutors

The resources can be used flexibly by academic staff and students to prepare for similar modules, reinforce topics covered in taught sessions or develop skills outside formal tuition or assessment.

Business Skills for Chemists