Reflecting on supporting teacher well-being

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Read useful prompts for reflecting on supporting teacher well-being. Including managing expectations, difficult conversations and and when to seek additional support.

Science leaders are often the first person that their staff will come to when a problem arises and being able to respond positively and supportively to well-being issues will be beneficial to the well-being of the person concerned. As this toolkit shows, there are a number of techniques that can be used to support and promote well-being within the staff in your department, however, managing well-being is complex as many factors are not within a science leader’s control. In addition, if your well-being needs are not being met, it may be necessary to ask another member of the department to take on a more supporting role within the department.

In addition to this toolkit there are three more considerations to ensure that you are able to manage your own well-being, manage the expectations of others and know when to pass responsibility onto your own leaders.

At a glance

Reflect on what you can do to support teacher well-being, and where the limits of your influence lie, including:

  • Managing expectations of others
  • Your zone of responsibility
  • Difficult conversations
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