Supporting colleagues with common challenges in school

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Explore ways to support your staff with common challenges in science teaching. Including supporting new teachers, practical work, accountability and workload.

Teachers have many potential stressors, and, although science teachers have much in common with other teachers, some situations are unique to science. These may include working in a large department, practical work, multiple exam classes of a core subject and teaching outside their subject specialism.

Your school and department may have already established support strategies for new teachers to the profession or new to the school, for example, by supporting practical work and workload considerations. Alongside these, there are some specific strategies that can improve the well-being of science teachers.

At a glance

Discover guidance for supporting teachers with common challenges in school, including:

  • Supporting new teachers
  • Reducing stress from practical work
  • Accountability
  • Allocation of work

There are also additional guidance available focused on managing workload and Covid-19 support.

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