Teacher well-being toolkit for secondary science leaders

An illustration featuring four arrows in different colours, with the words "Tips", "Help", "Support" and "Guidance". On and around the arrows are several images of people walking, sitting and jumping.

Source: Royal Society of Chemistry

Get tips, techniques and resources for supporting teachers in your school, from promoting well-being to managing workload

Well-being is talked about in schools and you may see well-being initiatives come and go. In all lines of work, not just teaching, staff well-being is fundamental to job satisfaction and ultimately staff retention. Whether you have had some training in how to support the well-being of your staff or not, with a few tools and resources, you, as a science leader, can make a significant difference to the well-being of your staff.

Inside the toolkit

Discover guidance, information and resources to help you support teachers in your school, including:

  • Key techniques for supporting teacher well-being
  • Helping teachers meet common challenges in science teaching
  • Supporting teachers with their personal needs and circumstances
  • Practising effective self-reflection
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