Developing and using models

In-person teacher professional development courses from the Royal Society of Chemistry

Take a look at some of the processes involved in developing, using and assessing a model using examples from various areas of chemistry.You will learn to develop your understanding of the difficulties students face when trying to link macroscopic observations to microscopic explanations, and how to address this issue using appropriate models and analogies. 

Pre-16 courses (only)

Learning objectives 

Participants will learn how to:

  • use black box activities to teach the concept of modelling
  • develop student ideas about the particle model to explain simple chemical reactions
  • assess student understanding of key chemical concepts through animations and simulations

Learning outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • support and challenge student understanding of the particle model and chemical reactions
  • explain how the theory of developing and using models is linked to the chemistry curriculum
  • identify misconceptions or alternative theories in student understanding

Each course is tailored to specific needs, so objectives and outcomes may vary slightly from those given here.

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Classroom resources

Activities from our Developing and Using Models professional development course for teachers

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