Materials chemistry

In-person teacher professional development courses from the Royal Society of Chemistry

From the clothes we wear and the dinner plates we eat off to the new technologies used in sports, medicines and computing, this course will help to develop your understanding of key concepts in materials chemistry.The course will also help you identify the misconceptions and materials chemistry concepts that students typically struggle with, as well as equipping you with the tools to address these issues.

Pre-16 courses (only)

Learning objectives

Participants will learn about:

  • the underlying structure of materials and how this links to its behaviour and properties
  • a range of contexts for teaching materials
  • ways of supporting literacy and higher order thinking skills through the teaching of materials

Learning outcomes

Participants will be able to design lessons that:

  •  apply a range of different contexts to the teaching of materials chemistry to secondary students
  • apply techniques for developing literacy and higher order thinking in teaching methods

 Each course is tailored to specific needs, so objectives and outcomes may vary slightly from those given here.

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Classroom resources

Activities from our Materials Chemistry professional development course for teachers

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