A series of short videos of fun demonstrations about the chemistry of the gases in our atmosphere, taken from a lecture by Dr. Peter Wothers of the University of Cambridge.

It's a Gas: 01 - Gases of the Atmosphere Part 2

Introducing the gases in the atmosphere and their proportions.

It's a Gas: 02 - Weighing the Air

Demonstration of how much the air around us actually weighs.

It's a Gas: 03 - Atmospheric Pressure

Two different demonstrations of the effect of air pressure in the world around us.

It's a Gas: 04 - Magdeburg Hemispheres

A clever way of showing the strength of the air pushing down on us, compared to two grown men!

It's a Gas: 05 - Phosphorus and Air

Watch what happens when very reactive phosphorus comes into contact with air!

It s a gas 06 oxygen

Joseph Priestley's discovery of oxygen.

It's a Gas: 07 - Plants

Where does all the oxygen in the atmosphere come from?

It's a Gas: 08 - Oxygen Generators

Find out how oxygen is made for the oxygen masks used in aeroplanes!

It's a Gas: 09 - Chlorates

Watch what happens when a jelly baby is burnt in oxygen!

It's a Gas: 10 - Liquid Air

See how air turns to liquid when it's cooled down!

It's a Gas: 11 - Oxygen and Food

Impressive demonstration of how the energy is released from food when it combines with oxygen!